Exercise: Quick Sketches


 Either carry a small sketchbook and drawing tool in a pocket or place a sketchbook and drawing tool in every room where you spend time on a daily basis.  When you are in that room for more than fifteen minutes, do a quick sketch …. very quick …… no fuss, no details, no judgement of good or bad.  If you are in the room for longer, take a few more sketching breaks.  Make sure to date your sketches.

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In 2012 I posted a series of drawing and painting exercises on the ChrisCarterArt.com Blog.   I no longer post to that blog on a regular basis.  Instead, I link to earlier posts that are worth putting out into the world again.  While busy sketching, painting and creating new online courses for you, I'll link to those exercises to nudge you forward in developing productive sketching and painting habits.  It's been feeling like December lately in New Jersey, so I thought it perfectly fine to link to a post in which I describe sketching while baking Christmas cookies:

Blog Link: https://chriscarterart.com/baking-cookies-quick-line-drawings/

Eggs in Cardboard Egg Carton

carton of eggs - line drawing drawn with Platinum Carbon Ink Fountain Pen


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