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dala art original art Jan 15, 2020

Announcing the Art Gallery addition to this website!


Each month a new collection of four to eight pieces of original art will be posted in the mini art gallery.  Please help me out by taking a look and letting me know if everything is in proper working order.

Click here or on the image below to visit the gallery: 

This Kajabi website platform is perfect for offering online courses.  I can pour my heart and soul into the classes, upload reference materials, extra videos and all sorts of miscellaneous information without having to duplicate my efforts over and over again.  It's absolutely fantastic for the artists who attend my live workshops. They receive unlimited access to selected courses to refresh their memory on techniques learned in the workshops.

With my travel schedule and my desire to spend more time on larger pieces in my studio, I've been challenged with figuring out how to set up a small gallery of paintings available for sale on this Kajabi site.  It really isn't meant for selling anything that requires shipping. 

HOWEVER ... there are work-arounds! It's taken me an exhausting two days to implement the gallery in a way that works smoothly without risking multiple collectors purchasing the same piece of original art.  THAT would be a nightmare.

The Kajabi crew is fabulous when it comes to support and helping me to figure out something that the majority of their customers don't need as a function.

Thank you Customer Support Team!


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