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SHAPE - Part One of Five Basic Elements of Design August 15 - 29, 2023

This is a mini course in SHAPE.  It only scratches the surface of what can be a lifetime study.  My hope is that after going through this course you will be inspired to strengthen your awareness of the shapes around you on a daily basis and enjoy seeing the way they puzzle together even when a pen or brush is not in your hand. Soften the edges of those puzzle pieces and your shapes transform into realism ... if you wish.

Closed Shape Drawings are perfect for honing many of your skills; Drawing, choosing Grayscale and Color Values, working with Color Schemes, stepping away from reality as well as Design and Composition.

Have fun creating drawing and paintings made up of closed shapes!

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Outline of Course:

Week One:

Welcome introduction


Describing Objects as Shapes & Demo

Combining SHAPES & Demo

Value Shapes & Demo

Designing with Shapes & Demo

Shapes in Composition & Demo

Examples in Drawings & Paintings

Week Two:

Review of Week One

Shapes as Patterns

Drawing Demo

Examples in Drawings & Paintings

Q & A Zoom Session