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The Artist's Journey

     Nurture your inner artist. Experiment with different tools and techniques. Learn new skills and hone your existing skills with access to dozens of courses, videos and reference materials focused on the elements of art: line; shape; value; temperature; texture; colour. Learn a variety of ways to make and use sketchbooks to enhance your learning experience. New material added each month.

     Your membership includes access to the Private Circle 'The Artist's journey Group" in The Artist's Journey Community.  This is where you connect with other artists taking the courses, post your art, ask questions and have private and group video chat sessions with other artists in the circle. 

You may also participate in the ongoing and ever-changing Challenges that will encourage you to experiment and grow your personal creative process.

Also included is the opportunity  to participate in the  weekly live sessions of Art Book Club and Sketchbook Story Time.  If you aren't able to attend, edited recordings of most of the sessions, that include extra references that came up during the session, are posted for you to access when it is more convenient.

The links to all of the CIRCLES are found in the left sidebar of the community.

     All the courses, videos and reference materials are available to you as long as you maintain a membership in good standing.  You may cancel your membership at any time.  New courses, course updates, videos and materials will be added throughout the year. Links to your online courses are posted on your personal LIBRARY page.

Please note that you may cancel your membership and join again as it is convenient for you. You will lose access when you cancel and regain all access when you rejoin.  This way, if you are traveling or totally focused on your own creative process, you may take a break from the activity on The Artist's Journey.

A few of the courses included are:

  1. Flexagon Fun
  2. The Color Scheme Game
  3. Creating Dala Art
  4. Drawing Alternatives
  5. Mixing Gorgeous Colour - Simplified
  6. Pulling the Puddle Parts I, II & III
  7. Bookmaking - Double Needle Coptic Binding 
  8. Automatic Drawing 

Notice that occasionally a course is offered as a stand-alone course.  The stand-alone courses are almost the same as the one you have access to on The Artist's Journey.  The difference is that the stand-alone course has additional projects and live group sessions on a regular basis for immediate feedback and critiques.  Each stand-alone course also has its own private circle for posting, communicating and live chats.

What People Are Saying:

Pulling the Puddle: Part Two - Graduated Wash Best description and example of creating a smooth wash yet. Thank you.

Barbara Woolner

Excellent course. Clear instructions and demonstrations. Well-paced. Motivating. Realistic. I will certainly take more courses with Chris Carter, who is a knowledgeable and inspirational teacher

Jill Richards

Pulling the Puddle - I've been painting for several years on my own and this is the first time I've truly understood this principle. I can't wait to give it a try. Many thanks for clearly showing this technique. I have learned more from Chris Carter's classes and my efforts in watercolor have improved as a result of her simple and clear instructions. I am looking forward to more of her classes and will continue experimenting with what I've learned so far. Many thanks!

Nancy Gray

Every minute of any of Chris' classes is moment invested with great results. The essence of years old mastery presented on increasing level with every class. If you feel need to test yourself for a sleeping artist within, take one class and you will know right away- it is like litmus paper- revealing all your unknown (or known but not tested) curiosity for a world behind color- seen, processed and reflected as a picture in mind and on paper. As always Chris's classes leave you with better understanding of the matter discussed. The wash in watercolor painting is very fundamental skill and "Pulling the Puddle " is another solid base you need to build in the very beginning to watercolor. Chris' method helps you quickly understand and master the skill. The class is based on making a small project- a sweet piece of art that will always remind you of your beginning. Thousand thanks to Chris!

Vesta Dobreva

An excellent class by an experienced sketcher and watercolour artist who definitely knows what she’s talking about!! You’ve got me thinking about a few unfinished sketchbooks of my own Chris! I was thinking how well this idea would work for my box stash, it would be great to know my subject each time and just get right into sketching!!

Rebecca Humphreys

Really useful and well explained class. I have been painting for a while and struggle with colour. This really helped!!

Hilary Robinson