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Drawing Alternatives September 19 - October 10, 2023

This is a three week course.  Following the course, you will continue to have access to the lessons in the course, the videos, recordings of live sessions and your class discussion group. 

The course begins on Monday, September 19th with a live, 2 hour zoom session at 1pm Eastern Time during which I will present the week's lessons and demonstrate the techniques you will be learning.  Weeks two and three begin the same way with the Monday live zoom session and the release of new lessons. The final session will be a live zoom session on October 10th to review what you've learned, share your experiences and to answer any additional questions you may have.  

The zoom sessions will be recorded and available to you as part of the course.

Each group of artists in a course is unique.  For this reason, you will have a private discussion group exclusively for the artists attending this course.  This is where you may post your work, your questions, and communicate with one another.  You will have continued access to this group after the course has ended.

Please remember to check the Subscribe To email list to receive notice of updates and additions to your course as well as new blog posts, generally twice a month.

Drawing is the foundation for both painting and sculpting.  Sketching is a tool that allows artists to spill ideas out onto paper, gain more clarity on how to proceed and which direction to take.  Whether your preference is abstract art or representational art, the basic elements of art are the same: line, shape, value, texture and color. The most effective way to learn and to hone one's skills is to enjoy the learning process.  Drawing Alternatives presents fun techniques that you can adapt easily to your personal style and schedule.

Comments from students who have taken this course:

"I have taken several composition classes over the past few decades, but this is the first time using this process - and it brings my personal style and preference to the forefront. I keep saying thank you for this class, mostly because I can't think of other words to express how meaningful each lesson has been to my own art practice . I remember years ago, when I studied color, and felt as if layers of fog were pulled away from my eyes.  I could finally see the spectrum of colors in this world - and I was amazed.  So, again the fog has been pulled away and I see how easy it is to discover composition and know, really know, if it resonates with ME.  I am again amazed by your teaching style and my ability to be open to learning in new ways."

"I am so glad you decided to teach “on-line.” You have such a lovely way of sharing your skills and knowledge with us live, but it’s no longer possible for me to get to a live class."

The following techniques and skills are presented in this course:

Contour Line Drawing

Closed Contour Drawing

Continuous Line Drawing

Mark Making