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As an artist, I live life as a never-ending adventure.

Join me as I explore the world with pen and brush.


Chris Carter

"Chris has a wonderful teaching style and her years of experience show from the second she starts."   Sarah


Choosing Between What I See and How I Feel

Jan 12, 2022

Vanishing with a Purpose in Mind

Dec 18, 2021

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These popular individual classes are a great place to start.

Drawing Alternatives

When you draw a wiggly line, when you draw a shape with that line, when you decide how light or dark you want that shape to be, you are learning to draw. With practice and observation, you become a master.


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The Color Scheme Game

Color is wonderfully complex and can be mercifully simple. Learn how to use a color wheel as a guide to understanding characteristics of pigments as you play with twelve different color schemes.



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Creating Dala Art

Dala Art is art designed within a circle that has been divided into segments by one continuous line that may or may not cross over itself.


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Learn at your own pace. In most classes the lessons are presented at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  I suggest you try the projects at all three levels regardless of where you feel you are as an artist.  Reviewing skills and challenging yourself to learn new skills a bit beyond your current ability is how you grow stronger as an artist and master the skills that are important for you to be able to express your own experiences in the style you desire.

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