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Working in my Perpetual Plant Journal has been so rewarding this past year that I began a second Perpetual Architecture Journal last Friday. 

First entry in my new Perpetual Architecture Journal. I rolled into town too late to paint it en plein air, so I snapped photos to use as reference. I had to complete it by the end of Friday night since the double-spread of the page is February 19 - 25. I sketched and painted it Friday night during Joyce’s dance class in Easton, MD.

I first sketched it in pencil. I added watercolor using a selection of pigment from several small travel kits that I'd thrown into my bag when I was running late to leave NJ.  I used Daniel Smith Lunar Blue and the three artgraf tailor shape graphites (ochre, sanguine and brown).

The sketchbook is a 5.5" x 8.5" Stillman & Birn, Beta sketchbook.  I think I'll enjoy working on the Beta paper. Gothic Revival - Spire & one of the pinnacles - Christ Episcopal Church, Main Street, Cambridge, MD. I haven’t been able to find the terminology for this type of eight-sided spire that gently flares out at the bottom. I don’t think this is considered a splay-foot spire. Does anyone know what it is called?


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