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Daily Sketching - Morning Scribbles - Week of April 30 - May 6 2020

daily sketching drawing ink and watercolor sketchbook May 15, 2020

One never knows how people will respond to drawings and paintings once they are released to the world. Where my drawing ends, the viewer's imagination takes off ... 

My son, Mike, has a mind that never stops playing with different ways to put knowledge, observation and innovation together in ways that change the way problems are solved,  new ideas are born and art forms become repurposed.  Last week he found a novel way to repurpose my morning scribbles that are captured as time lapse drawings on my iPad using the RePaper app.  After a few alterations he requested in the file format and image, I sent him new files in real time rather than compressed time.  He now projects the drawings being created in real time on his ceiling!  Such fun!

If you wish to see all the weekly video updates of the morning scribbles please visit and subscribe to that blog.  Feel free to join me in my morning practice.  You may post your scribbles in the private facebook group Explore With Chris Carter Artist . If you aren't already a member, please ask to join, and I will approve your membership.

Happy scribbling!



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