Musicians - Dip Pen and Watercolor In the Dark

Three to four nights a week I braved the darkness of night, alone, to drive to Easton, PA where I spent the next four hours dipping my pen into ink and mixing colors I couldn't see in the poorly lit pubs. The live music, sounds of the crowd and the movements of musicians, dancers and drinkers inspired my strokes.  Eventually, I spent even later nights sketching at Big Ed Sullivan's Blues Jam in New York City.  My heart and soul were well-nurtured even if my bank account was not.

Bar Crowd

Barry Zion

Blues Musicians - Red Lion, NYC

Chad Wynn

Danny Draher at the Red Lion, NYC

Rob Fraser, Dutchman, Steve Decker at Todd Wolfe's Blues Jam, Easton, PA

Billy Lance on Saxophone

The Bar Crowd

Such fun, inspiring times.  The ever-increasing price of gasoline and the non-ending monthly bills began to diminish my nights sketching in darkly lit pubs.  Being the optimist I am, I made the best of my situation and allowed my insatiable curiosity to lead me in other directions.  I spent more time in the studio throwing, splattering and glazing layers of paint upon large canvases, coaxing them into celestial infinities where orbs could spin and move like the dancers I left behind.

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