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Sketching in Series - Sketchbook Storytime

daily sketching drawing ink and watercolor series art sketchbook watercolor Sep 18, 2020

The video is a selection of clips from five different Sketchbook Storyhour videos that, awhile back, I posted on a regular basis on my Youtube Channel.  I chose clips that featured sketches from three of my Series of 100 Sketches; Family Treasures, Trumpet Parts and Glass Ink Wells as well as a few botanical sketches.

Almost all the sketches shown in the video are ink and watercolor.  The sketchbooks are coptic bound, made using Rives BFK printmaking paper rather than watercolor paper.  

At the time I created these sketches, I'd begun exploring color schemes in greater depth and had invented The Color Scheme Game to force myself to use color schemes I wouldn't have chosen without a bit of a nudge.


Announcement: For those of you who are already taking the Drawing Alternatives I online class, I've just updated the lesson on contour drawing.  Check it out.  I've slowed down the demo video and given a more explicit direction for creating the type of contour drawing I refer to.

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