A Peek at Progress in the Studio


Some of you may have seen the first portion of this video.  I've added to it since I posted that first section.  Progress is being made, a little bit each day.  It has been so much fun working larger again that I've pulled out more blank canvases and I'm working out how to capture more visually descriptive footage to share with you.  

Working in my cramped basement studio is a far cry from the beautifully lit, huge warehouse studio I had ten years ago.  I can't believe that I've allowed so much time to pass before again letting loose that artist I was when I climbed those steps to my painting heaven. 

This is a new decade ... 

Seeds were planted long ago.  The garden has become overgrown.  This is the time for weeding, pruning, watering, nurturing, observing and contemplating.  My gardens have always been Survival of the Fittest gardens.  In this decade I am adding a few more delicate, exotic plants. The most difficult plant to keep vibrant, healthy, growing and productive is that amazing, delicate artist deep within me.  Her time has come to receive the attention and nurturing she deserves and I will do what it takes for her to weather both draughts and storms so that she may put forth the most exquisite blossoms the world has ever seen ... for those who choose to open their eyes and hearts to seeing them.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Chris Carter

Detail of another work in progress

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