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Uncategorized Jun 30, 2019

Want to become a more masterful sketcher?  There's only one way and that is to sketch ... and sketch ... and sketch.

Don't have time?  

Not true.  No one doesn't experience at least five minutes of waiting for something or someone every day. Five minutes a day sketching can boost your skill level up in a very short time.

Waiting for a friend

Drive and Draw Road Trip stop

Waiting to catch a plane

Too much stuff to carry around with you?

Not true.  Everything you need will fit into your pocket! 

small sketchbook; top of sock to wear around wrist for cleaning waterbrush; five pigments in a tiny altoid tin; fountain pen; waterbrush

Too embarrassed to sketch in public?

That may be true.  It's also true that you might not even be noticed.  Everyone else is paying attention to their cell phones or caught up in their own world to pay much attention to what you're doing.

You're not good enough to sketch in public?

What is more important, becoming masterful at sketching or making a great impression on people you don't know, will never see again and, if they have noticed you, are probably envious that you're doing something you love.

 You never go anywhere?

That may be true.  I'm sure that you eat everyday or at least every other day.

What you're looking at doesn't inspire you?

Don't be a bore.  Get curious! Everything has something of interest that is there for you to discover.  If you don't like the arrangement of things, move them around! Eliminate what you don't like. Exaggerate what you do like. Play with the colors. You don't have to draw the whole grocery store, you can draw one onion ... or two.

No excuse is acceptable if you truly want to improve your drawing and painting skills.

Yes, I'm a total art geek who sketches and paints absolutely everywhere and anywhere.  Here are a few ideas that might help you find your own path toward sketching more.

Links to videos:

1. Twenty Steps to Drawing and Painting Everywhere.

2. Uwajimaya Market Dragon Tetrahedron

3. Evening Walk Sketches

4. Eucalyptus Trees Along Walker Road

The more you sketch, the more you'll enjoy sketching and you'll wonder why you waited so long to make it a part of your life every single day.  

Painting en plein air in Provence, France

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