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Contour Drawing - Stone Teapot

daily sketching drawing Feb 11, 2020

Two years ago I purchased an ISKN tablet to capture digital versions of drawings to share with my students during workshops and to post as examples in the online courses I was just beginning to create.  I'm too in love with my fountain pen gliding across real paper in a sketchbook.  After the initial period of figuring out how the ISKN tablet worked, I let it gather dust on my bookshelf ... until last night.

Since I've been answering a large number of questions about contour drawings lately in the learning groups I contribute to online, I decided to create a mini course on Skillshare focused on contour drawings.  That's when I remembered the tablet gathering dust on the bookshelf.  In spite of it not being as fun to use as a fountain pen and paper, it's still fun to draw on and it saves me hours of time when it comes to presenting the drawing process on the internet.

My goal is to inspire more artists to start each day with a contour drawing of something they see while sipping their coffee, tea or power smoothie.

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