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Evolution of Dala Art

color dala art drawing ink and watercolor watercolor Jul 09, 2019

I've been gathering the information and sketches, accumulated over the last decade of honing color skills, to share in the newest course, Creating Dala Art. This is a delightful journey down memory lane, back to the time when mixing beautiful color ... or truthfully, any specific color at all ... was a mystery to me.  I just kept throwing away ugly paint mixes and ugly paintings until I became lucky and mixed something close to what I wanted.  Color was a real thorn in my side, not the absolute and total joy it is for me now!

This blog is a great way for me to share some of the lessons I've learned and the information I'm putting together for my courses.  Not everyone will be taking the courses and I want to share my experiences with those artists, as well. Sometimes just a little piece of information or an idea helped get me over a hump. Hopefully, these excerpts from the courses will be sparks of inspiration or boosts to get one of you over one of those humps.

The following is from Creating Dala Art - Lesson Three:


What is Dala Art?

Dala Art is art designed within a circle that has been divided into segments by one continuous line that may or may not cross over itself. It can be of any size, in any medium, either abstract or representational. The objects or patterns that fill each segment may be confined within the boundaries of each segment or spill out of the segment boundaries and the circumference of the circle.


In 2013, to make my color workshop more fun, I used the format of a mandala to create color wheels. Back in my studio I became obsessed with altering the geometry of the mandalas and playing with variations of color shapes that still resembled a color wheel.   

One thing led to another and I began to draw objects into the shapes and to go beyond color wheels to experiment with color schemes. The Color Scheme Game was born.



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