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Exciting En Plein Air Opportunity

color miscellaneous Oct 22, 2020

In the midst of an amazing week, I was contacted by a teacher in Germany who is teaching her students about Complementary Colors!  I'll be teaching the children about grayscale values with complementary colors  in a special webinar for them in mid November.  I'm thrilled.  The internet is such a fabulous tool for sharing ideas worldwide, keeping creative juices flowing even during these difficult times when we can't travel and teach live workshops.

Tomorrow night I'll be participating in the Gowanus Dredgers' BOAT FOR THE VOTE! event in Brooklyn, roaming about with my body easel, painting quick portraits until it's time to board the raft and paint the evening's activities using a French Easel and a headlamp so the audience can watch the paintings as they're created. The main events are the performances of the Metropolitan Horn Authority (French Horn Quartet) and Shequida Hall (Juilliard-trained drag queen opera singer).  Friday, October 23, 2020 - 6pm to 7pm.  The goal of the event is to encourage everyone to get out ant VOTE!  VIOTE!  VOTE!

Such a busy week... The Color Scheme Game online course is now edited and updated with several new lessons, videos and many more examples of the projects presented.

And ... I celebrated my 69th birthday with my lifelong friend, Kathleen.  We've been friends now for 67 years! 

Four glorious days of laughing, talking, experimenting with natural indigo dye, hiking, cooking and singing.  Fortunately, the weather was beautiful.  Except for creating the dye vat, Indigo dyeing is not something that would be easy to do indoors.


The next course in the works is a short course on creating a sketchbook with recycled materials.

recycled shoebox, file folders and terrible, student grade, watercolor paper


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