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Yesterday on Facebook I posted Orbs No. 64, a painting from the Orb Series that began (officially) in December of 2003. The last gift my mother gave to me while she was alive, was my morning visions. Nettie died on New Year's Eve shortly before midnight in 2003.  Another artist, whom I admire greatly, Dottie Best, commented on the post ...

I love, love, love the name you call this art: "Intuitive Orb!" Tell us more about how it came to be, what you think about, why, etc. I'm fascinated and making up all kinds of stories about it already.

I'd already begun writing a post attempting to put the Intuitive Orb Series into perspective when viewed as part of my entire body of work. Quickly, it became apparent that it wouldn't be an easy task nor would it be anything less than a novel-length post. I've decided to post excerpts, smaller glimpses into the evolution of the Orbs and Strata Series. I haven't yet any vision of what it will become in the future. That is the marvelous mystery of intuitive drawing and painting that only time will reveal.

The video above serves well as an introduction to the upcoming, sporadic excerpts of the story I'll be sharing with you over the coming months.  I know I'm not alone in this journey of discovering the artist within and what that artist is capable of creating when skills are well-honed and the heart and spirit guide the brush and pen.


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