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daily sketching drawing ink and watercolor sketchbook watercolor Feb 15, 2020

Being an insomniac has advantages.  It allows me many more hours to come up with ways to demonstrate drawing and painting techniques.  It also creates more time in my day to turn some of my ideas into reality.  My goal has always been to master skills that will help me grow as an artist AND to inspire as many people as I can to include a dose of creativity into each and every day.  I believe nurturing creativity is as important to our physical, mental and emotional health as food and exercise are.

Turning my morning habit of sketching into a public blog is the latest result of my insomnia.  Fortunately, I didn't have to create a new website/blog.  I already have one that's been neglected for a number of years ... in spite of it representing a significant thread that weaves through my life. The website is and the blog on the website has now been changed to

I'll be posting my scribble almost every day.  It will be challenging to post regularly when I'm traveling even though I'll still be sketching each morning.

This blog on will continue to serve the purpose of presenting technique, tips, updates on courses, nudges and whatever else strikes my fancy to share as one artist to another.

Please join me as a morning scribbler and post your sketches to the Facebook group ExploreWithChrisCarter.  


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