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There's now an additional way that you can experiment with and dig a bit deeper into the techniques I offer in the more extensive, multi-week online courses ...  Mini Courses! These shorter classes that focus on one technique at a time AND present a quick project for you to create with the technique are the result of putting together bite-size classes on Skillshare. 

Projects - Pear Paintings 

Project - Puddle Pulling Part One

Project - Puddle Pulling Part Two

I've begun with a four part Pulling the Puddle series.  The first two parts are now available both on Skillshare and here on  

All future mini courses will also be available on both sites. Here, on  Kaleidoscope ( the tuition is $10/mini course.  As a Premium Subscriber on Skillshare, you're able to take as many of the available courses as you wish ... on all sorts of topics ... cooking, juggling, blogging, writing a resume, plumbing repair, etc.  If you're not familiar with Skillshare, check it out, it's remarkable.

If you want to take a look at my mini courses prior to purchase, or if you prefer a subscription to Skillshare, you get two free months when you join. If you don't love all the courses available to you, you can cancel at anytime before your two month period expires.

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