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My new favorite brush

ink and watercolor sketchbook watercolor Jan 14, 2020

I arrived home from Maui to find that a new brush had arrived to be tested out. The da vinci water colour brush with a silverpoint tip is Fabulous!

The squirrel hair is shaped beautifully and holds a sufficient quantity of water and pigment to enable me to dance across the page.  I have other squirrel hair brushes that I love, but no other allows me to release pigment and water with as much control simply by altering the pressure upon the paper.  I love it!

I can't wait to play more! Here's another quick demo. 

I'll have top figure out a way to safely carry this brush with me when I travel.
Are there a few skills you would like to hone? Drawing? Watercolor techniques? Color Mixing? Using Color Schemes? The more skills you have honed, the more you enjoy the experience of sketching and drawing.  

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