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Mysteries in My Studio

Aug 16, 2023

I am always amazed at what I consider to be worth saving, year after year, decade after decade, mainly for purposes of creating art. Fortunately, some of these surprising items will no longer be found the next time I do a deep sorting of my studio.  Unfortunately, many of them will continue to find a home in a pile, a box or a drawer.  

One of the many excuses I make for NOT doing a deep sorting of the items that accumulate in my studio is that I want to stop having so many projects going at the same time; so many unfinished projects lingering on the perimeter of my studio or taking up space that I need for a current project. I want to stay focused and follow one idea to the very end ... if there is such a destination as an END.  Each time I sort through piles or boxes, I am reminded of an idea I once had that I STILL want to play with and explore.  I can't bare to discard what might be an extraordinary path to follow, leading me into a new dimension of my creativity.

However, I no longer have my warehouse studio space, the 3,000 square feet of space that gave me plenty of room to create large works as well as store large works, all my tools, media, references, books, and assorted miscellaneous items.  I am, and have been for far too may years, restricted to sharing my space with a furnace in our basement.  Not great for studio visits from curators and potential clients.

A sense of humor is necessary when it comes to the dreadful job of sorting through piles of anything.

I would love to hear some of the oddities you might have found when tackling the dreadful task of organizing your studio space.

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A quick update on The Artist's Journey.  Jill and I are having a fabulous time preparing for our weekly dialogues on the live sessions of both Art Book Club and Sketchbook Story Time.  The edited recordings are posted both on designated pages within the community as well as on the designated CIRCLES within the community.  You can now jump from spot to spot within each recording to skip through and reference sections you wish to review or gain information from.  The recorded sessions are always available to active members of the community.

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