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dala art ink and watercolor nature watercolor Sep 04, 2019

This morning I added to  Week 6 of Creating Dala Art an example of creating a Dala, from beginning to end, along with the thoughts that were running through my head as I made choices of design, colors, values and patterns.

The added lesson includes 27 illustrated steps! 

When I add material to any of the online courses, I send an email to the artists enrolled in that course. When you enroll in a course PLEASE remember to add yourself to the email notifications.  If you don't, you won't receive notice that I've added information.  If your not sure if you've added yourself, please contact me.

Time is precious.  I prefer spending time with loved ones, exploring, drawing and painting to sending manual email notifications.

Please know that I do not send the plethera of advertising emails out to my students like those I end up receiving, having been added in some unknown way to email lists I haven't any interest in.  I send only notification of additional material added to a class that they are  already registered in or something of great importance that I feel warrants notification (I don't know what that might be.)

Any notification regarding new courses or new opportunities for one thing or another will be done on this blog, not in direct emails.  I respect your time as well as I respect my own. 

Thanks for understanding!

Keep those creative juices flowing freely!




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