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Painting a Hedgerow in Watercolor

daily sketching figures ink and watercolor nature plein air painting sketchbook urban sketching watercolor Aug 25, 2020

Slowly making my way back to creating en plein air videos to share with you in the current and upcoming online classes both on and here on  To introduce this fun series I published a short class last Friday on Skillshare, Painting Hedgerows En Plein Air.

As I sifted through folders of digital images to share as additional examples on my project page, I found many watercolor sketches I had forgotten about.  I realize a class on trees is in order ... not just trees in hedgerows, but trees in general.  There are so many quick, easy and fun techniques to create the illusion of trees or a single tree whether you're sketching in cities, rural or remote areas.  Being playful and loose creating trees is a great way to become more familiar with the possibilities and unique characteristics of watercolor.

Below are a few examples of hedgerows as well as examples of other trees all painted en plein air.

Barren Island from Fishing Creek, Hoopers Island, Maryland

Grand Palais, France

Along the Saone River, France

Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, California

Beth and Dick in the Olive Orchard, Les Bassacs, Provence, France

Evening Walk Along Anthony Road, Lebanon Township, New Jersey

Hotwells, Bristol, UK


Le Bassin de Neptune, Versailles, France

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Belleville, Paris, France

Washington Square Park, New York City, New York

Backyard Hedgerow, Lebanon Township, New Jersey

Backyard Hedgerow, Lebanon Township, New Jersey

If you're already a premium member of Skillshare, you can view more examples of hedgerows here: Painting Hedgerows in Watercolor.  If you're not a member, you will receive two months for free by signing on through my page.  If you decide to cancel anytime before the end of your two month trial period, you are charged nothing.  Take as many courses from as many teachers as you wish!



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