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Pushing ... or Pulling ... the Puddle

miscellaneous watercolor Jun 21, 2019

Pushing or Pulling the Puddle - one of the most useful watercolor techniques I know!  This is superb for creating streak-free washes and glazes. The technique is simple, and not necessarily easy.  The ease comes with practice and it's well worth your time to practice.


1. The key is to maintain a puddle as you move across and down the shape. 

2. Do not let orphan strokes dry! 

3. Do not GO BACK into the area you've already painted until it is totally dry. 

4. Mix plenty of color before you begin. 

5. Dip your brush only into the mixed color, not the water bucket unless you are creating a graduated wash. 

6. Keep the puddle until the very end when you carefully wick up the puddle without touching the paper.

There is a more recent demo video in The Color Scheme Game online course.  The two videos I've posted here are earlier demos that I made before I knew how to record my voice for the video.


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