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Sketching Habit

daily sketching ink and watercolor sketchbook travel sketching watercolor Jan 06, 2020

Waking up in Maui. I REALLY wish I could sleep on planes. Sketched first in ink with a Kaweco Sport fountain pen followed by watercolor using a waterbrush. Still not out of bed.

Creating the habit of sketching is a wise investment of time. If it were not for my habit (addiction) of sketching anywhere and everywhere I would not have created some of my favorite moments in time expressed with pen and brush. And why do I pick up a pen or brush if not to express my experiences of my life? The bonus is that sketching and painting daily hones my skills and when my skills are honed I’m freer to enjoy the experience of making marks and gliding brushstrokes in a way that I never imagined possible.
The key to sketching and painting at a moment’s notice is having the tools handy. My business card paint palette, water brush, sock, sketchbook and Kaweco fountain pen were on the floor beside my bed when I awoke.

Sketching as soon as I awaken is something I do whenever possible because I’m not alert enough to pass judgement on what I’m choosing to sketch or how I’m sketching it. I can break through into new areas of playfulness.

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