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This is why I teach

Oct 27, 2019

Yesterday I received the following comment from Jane, an artist who has recently completed the Drawing Alternatives I course.

"Thank you, Chris. I have become much more aware of values - something I really hadn’t taken on board - and although I didn’t actually enjoy doing the value exercises, I now look at tones and values where I didn’t before. My confidence has increased enormously in all my sketching and drawing as has my enthusiasm. I now have a small sketchbook and a few pens in my backpack always. And am probably “making marks” nearly every day.

Thanks again.


To influence lives in a positive way is the reason I share my vision of life through art.  I love making art.  I love making marks on paper, on canvas, in wet sand on a windy beach. I love mixing paint, feeling the brush drag along the fibers of paper whether it be archival rag paper or a brown paper grocery bag.

The way we see the world effects every aspect of our lives. And, we all see the world differently.  Art often sparks emotions. Art can help heal and close the gap between dreams and the struggles of our daily lives. Art inspires people to ask questions about the way they see the world around them:

"Why didn't I see what a beautiful shape my father's hammer was?"

"Why didn't I notice how rusty pipes sparkle like gemstones in the light of the setting sun?

"Why do I always think of trees as being green?"

Once a question is asked, the brain begins to seek an answer ... and that's when the magic begins.  Eyes open wider. Forgotten dreams awaken. In spite of whatever might be going on in life, the joy of seeking and finding soothes the difficulties.

By teaching other artists to hone their skills and learn new skills, I'm able to spread the power of art throughout the world in a way I could never do alone.  When I help other artists become stronger painters, the chances of their work igniting a spark of curiosity in others increases.  When an artist loves the process of seeing, drawing and painting, it's apparent in the work and others want to experience that joy, too.  

As artists, we plant seeds.  I like to continue to water those seeds and nourish them until they're strong enough to grow on their own.  That's why I teach art.  Lines, shapes, colors, values and the joy of puzzling them all together is what I know best.  It's the most effective way and joyful way for me to plant seeds for our future generations to thrive on.

Thank you, Jane, for taking the time to let me know that one of my seeds has taken root in your life.  I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes and how those around you are responding to your expanded vision.


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