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Unusual Subject Matter

Aug 06, 2019

Frequently I hear the following laments:

"I want to sketch more, but I don't know what to sketch."

"I want to sketch more but I can't seem to find inspiring subjects."

"I want to sketch more but I never go anywhere."

My response might be:

"Sketch whatever is in front of you. It doesn't have to be beautiful or meaningful."

"Begin sketching whatever holds your attention for more than a second and BE inspired by it.  MAKE it intriguing.  Explore the object or subject matter and find something in it that you didn't see on first glance."

"Sketch your bathroom, your shoes, your kitchen utensils, your shampoo bottle."

Here are a few samples of what could be considered boring, unimportant, uninspiring subject matter.

computer device cords

broken finger


pin cushion

power strip

JUST SKETCH! Make it fascinating. Make it fun.  Your drawing skills will get better and better and better and better!  Then, when it comes to drawing something that you are passionate about, you'll be able to express your passion the way you "wish you could", because you'll be able to!


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