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What Would You Like To Know About Dala Art?

color dala art drawing ink and watercolor watercolor Jun 27, 2019


I'm on a roll creating the online Dala Art course, inspired to make it the best course you've ever taken, one that boosts your skills in ways you never thought possible.  I'm stay two steps ahead of those of you who have already begun the course.  I'm putting my reMarkable tablet and ISKN tablet back to work to create simple videos that share both my thought process and my drawing techniques.

To make sure that I share the information you want and need, I would like your help. I think I know what you want and need, but I may be wrong.  It will be extremely helpful to me if you please send me questions you have and areas you would like covered in the course so that I can make sure to include that information in one or more of the lessons that you receive during the ten-week study.

I'm posting a variety of different dalas to help you think of questions you'd like answered.

Thanks for your help!

Link to online course: Creating Dala Art




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