Dala Art Challenge - Seven Days of Dala Sketching

dala art Mar 03, 2019

March 2, 2019

A last minute announcement!  Tomorrow starts the Seven Day Dala Challenge! It's the kick-off event for the Dala Art group where artists may post Mandalas and Dala Art that they have created themselves, either in progress or completed. Participating in the challenge is not...

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What is Dala Art?

dala art design Dec 30, 2018

Dala Art is art designed within a circle that has been divided into segments by one continuous line that may or may not cross over itself.  It can be of any size, in any medium, either abstract or representational.  The objects or patterns that fill each segment may be confined within...

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Before Coffee


October 24, 2018

Most mornings, I pour myself a huge glass of water and pick up a pen or pencil before I do anything else.  What I really want to do is pour myself a cup of hot, fresh-brewed coffee and wander through the house or garden checking on my plants as I slowly awaken to the day.


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