Drawing Alternatives

Five-Week Online Course held twice a year.  In 2022 the dates for Drawing Alternatives are: May 9-30, 2022 and Sept 19-October 10, 2022.

Drawing is the foundation for both painting and sculpting.  Sketching is a tool that allows artists to spill ideas out onto paper, gain more clarity on how to proceed and which direction to take.  Whether your preference is abstract art or representational art, the basic elements of art are the same: line, shape, value, texture and color. The most effective way to learn and to hone one's skills is to enjoy the learning process.  Drawing Alternatives presents fun techniques that you can adapt easily to your personal style and schedule.

Comments from students who have taken this course:

"I have taken several composition classes over the past few decades, but this is the first time using this process - and it brings my personal style and preference to the forefront. I keep saying thank you for this class, mostly because I can't think of other words to express how meaningful each lesson has been to my own art practice . I remember years ago, when I studied color, and felt as if layers of fog were pulled away from my eyes.  I could finally see the spectrum of colors in this world - and I was amazed.  So, again the fog has been pulled away and I see how easy it is to discover composition and know, really know, if it resonates with ME.  I am again amazed by your teaching style and my ability to be open to learning in new ways."

"I am so glad you decided to teach “on-line.” You have such a lovely way of sharing your skills and knowledge with us live, but it’s no longer possible for me to get to a live class."

Drawing Alternatives

The more you enjoy it, the more you do it. The more you do it, the more skillful you become. Discover techniques that inspire you to draw.


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