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Creating Dala Art - August 8 to September 12, 2023

Dala Art ... a fun way to strengthen drawing skills, color skills and design skills ... in the studio, en plein air or while traveling. Twist and bend the world in any way you wish at the same time as you're mastering your skills.

Link: What is Dala Art?

This is a five week course with unlimited access even after completion. You can  always refer back to the course information. The private Discussion Group for the artists attending this session will also be available to you after the course so that you may stay in touch with one another and continue to share.

The pdf file of the templates and directions for The Color Scheme Game are included with this course.

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Course Outline:

Week One: 

Live Zoom Welcome

Introduction and Examples of Dala Art



Drawing the Circle & Swooping Line

Circle Shapes

Value Shapes

Closed and Open Shapes

Bending Objects

Live Q & A Zoom Session

Week Two:

Live Zoom Demo

Multiple Pre-recorded Demos


Contour Drawing

Bending & Distorting Objects

Drawing into Circle shapes

Playing with Text

Live Q & A Zoom Session

Week Three:

Live Zoom Demo

Multiple Pre-recorded Demos


Color Value

Color temperature

Dark Washes

Light Washes

Graduated Washes

Transition Washes

Live Q & A Zoom Session

Week Four:

Live Zoom Demo

Multiple Pre-recorded Demos



Value Ranges

Color Schemes

Decision Making



Live Q & A Zoom Session

Week Five:



More Examples

Bonus Challenges

Three Live Zoom Sessions scheduled with various time zones in mind