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Gorgeous Color Mixing - Simplified

What you will learn:

Using a limited palette of only three, four five or six pigments you will create a full-spectrum of hues to use in your paintings without the agony of color choice confusion and disharmony,  You will learn how to choose which pigments allow you to create a palette to express yourself in your own unique style.

Why I created this course:

Color baffled me.  I could recognize when an artist created amazing color in a painting, yet the same skill felt beyond my reach.  My strengths were in handling line, shapes and values.  I desperately wanted to understand how to successfully create and manipulate color with intention, not just by chance.

Now, color is one of my strengths!  In 2008 I took three years off from exhibiting and teaching art workshops in order to gain an understanding of color. It was time well spent. Teaching myself color led me through the labyrinth of my brain where I journeyed down many dead end paths.  Eventually, the fog cleared and I understood how wonderfully complex, yet quite simple, color can be for me as an artist.  I invented games to play, reinforcing what I was learning.  Each day brought me more joy and excitement as I gained mastery over color.  When I began to receive complements on my use of color in paintings I was happily stunned.  Requests for teaching a color class poured into my email box and I began sharing the simplified version of my journey, as well as the games I invented for myself.  My color journey will never end.  There are infinite possibilities to discover and to play with.  I experience a level of joy playing with color that I could not have dreamed of before.

Thanks to technology and the internet, I now offer this basic color course to you online.  You can move at your own pace and learn from my experiences no matter where you are in the world!  I look forward to being your guide along this life-enhancing journey.

Chris Carter