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Dinas Powys Art Group Videos
List of Current Online Classes
YouTube Free Videos

"Every minute of any of Chris' classes is moment invested with great results. The essence of years old mastery presented on increasing level with every class. If you feel need to test yourself for a sleeping artist within, take one class and you will know right away- it is like litmus paper- revealing all your unknown (or known but not tested) curiosity for a world behind color- seen, processed and reflected as a picture in mind and on paper."

   Carol S.

MEET Chris Carter 

"Chris will help you at the exact level you choose for yourself, from light and theoretical to deep and fundamental. You still need to go through it yourself, but you will have a map and her presence- she follows your progress closely and gives her best to all her students, without exception. Her classes opened my eyes and changed my thinking. Everything I liked as a harmony on subconscious level, now comes with answers of why and how. Thousand thanks to this teacher!"

   Vesta Dobreva

Mini Courses on Skillshare

Bite-size courses presented in a series of short videos focused on one skill at a time with a specific project to try on your own.

Deep Dive Courses on Explore

If you are a beginner or an advanced artist who wants to learn new skills and respond intuitively to your inner artist, these classes are for you.

My Eclectic Art Styles

At Flickr you can view the many styles in which I work: abstract, representational, travel sketches, portraits, en plein air, etc.

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