Class Offerings

I offer online art classes and critiques on two sites: Skillshare and  Explore With Chris Carter.

Below is a partial list of the thirty-nine classes currently available along with links to the classes. I will continue to add to the list on this page to include all of the classes.


Creating strong, basic shapes is the first step to mastering drawing and painting.

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Creating Dala Art

A fun way to strengthen drawing, color and design skills by bending reality in your own way.

What is Dala Art?

The Color Scheme Game

Experience the joy of playing with color schemes while learning the importance of color value (tone).

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Drawing Alternatives 

Learn to see so your hand knows what to draw ... Learn which techniques suit your style

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Flexagon Fun

Create a bit of magic by folding one strip of paper into a flat, six-sided, illustrated flip toy.

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Coptic Book Binding

DIY sketchbooks and journals using double-needle coptic binding.

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Color Wheel Mandala

Learn to mix a full range of beautiful colors with only one red, one blue and one yellow.

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Puling the Puddle Part 1

Learn the technique I find most useful for both abstract and representational work.

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