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color life as an artist Nov 12, 2018

November 12, 2018 

Many years ago a photo was taken of me holding my daughter, Alexis.  I'd just gotten out of the shower and Alexis was wearing an undershirt on her head.  Upon seeing the photo, my sister-in-law stated that it looked like the cover of a magazine that might be...

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Reflecting on m life's journey as a curious artist and adventure seeker

November 12, 2018

Reflecting on my life's journey as a curious artist and adventure seeker.

Departure - oil on kraft paper 36" x 48"

A blog post on my Bizarre Horizons Blog (which I post to infrequently) from three years ago: December 31, 2015

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DIY Watercolor Art Pocket Palette

I use three different magnetic Pocket Painter Palettes.  To see other Watercolor Travel palettes click here.

Nine-Well Watercolor Art Pocket Palette:

Nine-Well Magnetic Watercolor Art Pocket Palette

I love that I can see through the lid so that I know which primaries I'm taking with me and...

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Before Coffee


October 24, 2018

Most mornings, I pour myself a huge glass of water and pick up a pen or pencil before I do anything else.  What I really want to do is pour myself a cup of hot, fresh-brewed coffee and wander through the house or garden checking on my plants as I slowly awaken to the day.


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Rue de Dunkerque - Paris, France


July 12, 2018

With phone in hand, for still photos and video, as well as a GoPro secured in my chest harness, I climb out the window from my sixth-floor room at the hostel.  A towel serves as a cushion to ease the discomfort of sitting on the framing of the casement...

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